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Shipping & Transportation

Dickson offers a variety of small, durable devices for accurate monitoring during shipping. We recommend the following Dickson products for food shipping & transportation.

Food Shipping & Transportation Products



Description Compact, push-to-start report logger. No software necessary! 3" (76mm) Mini Temperature (-25 to 0C) Chart Recorder Disposable Temperature Transportation Chart Recorder
Price $59.00 $249.00 $51.00
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Temperature Range Icon question
  • -14 to 32F
    (-25 to 0C)
  • -20 to 100F
    (-30 to 37.5C)
Temperature Accuracy
  • +/-1.8F from 40 to 90F 2.3F
    (+/-1C from 4 to 32C 1.3C)
  • +/-2F from -14 to 32F
    (+/-1C from -25 to 0C)
  • +/-1F from 10 to 70F
    (+/-0.6C from -12 to 21C)
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