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Replaceable Sensors



With Replacable Sensors, You never have to send your data logger or chart recorder back in for calibration again.

Every year or so, your data logger or chart recorder needs a new calibration. Every year or so, you have to take that device out of your facility, mail it back to us, and wait for us to recalibrate it. The downtime can be 7-10 days. 

And we think that is ridiculous. So, we made Replaceable Sensors. Replaceable Sensors let you recalibrate by simply ordering a new sensor, and attaching it to your device. You never have to send your unit back to us again.

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How do they work?

Like this . . . 


Yup, just take off the old sensor, put on a newly calibrated sensor, and your data logger or chart recorder is recalibrated. 

The key to our Replaceable Sensors, is that we separated the two functions of your data logger or chart recorder: measuring temperature and/or humidity and recording temperature and/or humidity.

Prior to the Replaceable Sensor, data loggers and chart recorders have measure the temperature and/or humidity of their environment internally, or inside the device, within the data logger or chart recorder.

With Replaceable Sensors, the temperature and/or humidity of your environment is measured on the Replaceable Sensor, which is separate from your device (see .GIF above).


Why use a Replaceable Sensor? 

Because Replaceable Sensors make your life easier.

Your Life With a Replaceable Sensor VS. You Life Without a Replaceable Sensor


Replaceable Sensors and Calibrations

When you calibrate a device, you are really only calibrating the part of the device that measures the temperature and/or humidity. The recording device (in the .GIF above, the big black box) has nothing to do with the calibration process. Formerly, this sensor would have been on the inside of the box, and our customers had to send their entire device back to us.

But no longer! Now, because the sensor is separate from the data logger, the only thing that needs to be calibrated, is the sensor!

So now instead of packaging up your device and sending it back into us, and then waiting for us to calibrate it, you can just order a new sensor (with a calibration), pop the old one off, and put the new one on.

And to top it off . . . We include ALL the calibration data for the device on the sensor. You still receive your certificate, and you are still complying with auditors and regulations, in fact, better than ever before. 

The benefits of Replaceable Sensors include:

  • Faster calibrations
  • More cost effective calibrations
  • Less downtime