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Replaceable Sensors


A few years ago, we set out to engineer a way for our customers to calibrate their loggers and recorders, without ever having to send the devices back to us. What we ended up with, was Replaceable Sensors.



Calibration in two steps.

Yup. Just two steps. Calibrating your data logger or chart recorder previously required you to take your unit out of your facility, ship it to Dickson, wait for us to calibrate it, and then wait for it to ship back. Now, you just have to take the old sensor off, and put the new one on.



Your headaches are gone. 

Take a look at the table above. On the left is what you are doing now. On the right is what you could be doing (or "not" doing).


All your calibration data, right on the sensor.

We calibrate the sensor, not the unit. Think of it like this: the Replaceable Sensor (Patent Pending) takes an environmental reading, and the data logger or chart recorder records that environmental reading. By splitting up the sensor from the data logger and chart recorder, we've created a plug and play device, that will make you and your company happier.

So now, instead of packaging up your device and sending it back to us you can just order a new Replaceable Sensor (Patent Pending), wait for it in the mail, receive a newly calibrated sensor by mail, pop the old one out, and plug the new one in to complete your recalibration. That means your device can be back up and compliant in seconds!


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