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QR Codes

What are QR codes?

QR codes are a type of barcode that can be read by the camera on your cell phone or computer with the use of applications or "apps" that handle and decode the barcode correctly. 


What are QR codes for?

The codes have many uses from directing people to websites and youtube videos to sending a Tweet on Twitter, "liking" something on facebook, or adding a contact to your phone's contacts. There are many other uses, but those are some of the popular ones. 


How do I use or view a QR code?

Decoding a QR code is actually very easy. All you need is an app for your phone. Currently, we like i-nigma (if the link isn't working contact us and we'll try to suggest another option) because they offer an app for the three major cell phone platforms (Android, iPhone, and Blackberry) and it offers a robust set of features while maintaining an easy to use interface. 

There are many other QR code reader applications (just search your respective app store or Google), but once you have one installed all you do is snap a picture and the application does the rest based on the type of QR code you're viewing. Our QR codes will almost always take you to a product page or video. 


Where can I learn more about QR codes?

Wikipedia has a good entry that covers QR codes in greater detail.