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This product has been replaced by the SP125

Self Contained Temperature Data Logger

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Important Information

DicksonWare Software is needed to communicate with this product and is sold separately.

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  • Unit Weight 1 lb
Serial Download Cable

Serial Download Cable - length 6 feet (2m)

USB Adapter

Serial to USB Adapter


Small Water-Resistant Pouch

Wall Mount Case

Small Locking Wall Mount Case

Software Upgrade

DicksonWare Software Upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions

Verify that you have the correct version of Dickson software installed on your PC. Version or higher is required.

If the logger has communicated before on the same PC, try resetting the unit by removing and reinstalling the battery.

Verify that the correct COM port is selected: From the main Dicksonware screen, click on Logger then Communication, a black dot will appear next to the selected COM port. You may need to select a different COM port. Should you get an error message stating that device is already open, this could mean that you have the proper COM port selected, but another device, or its software, has it allocated.
Palm pilots, for example, will cause this problem, in which case the port is not actually available and you may have to disable that device.

You may need to relocate the download cable to another serial port on the back of the PC and possibly try changing the COM port again in DicksonWare.

If communication has not been established with the previous steps, you may need to open the logger, remove the battery, reinsert it and then try all COM port and cable combinations again.

If possible, try another PC

There is a LED indicator located on the front lower right corner of the unit. This indicator will flash red every 10 seconds ONLY when the unit is sampling and operating properly. If the indicator is not flashing, please verify the following:

The logger memory may be full; download the data and clear the memory.

Sampling may not be activated. To start sampling clear the memory.

Condensation may have formed on the unit. Place unit in a warm dry environment for 24 hrs.

Clear memory and try again. These loggers are designed for use in a non-condensing environment. If the environment creates condensation, try placing the unit (temperature only models) in a small sealed plastic bag to protect it from condensation.