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4" Temperature Chart Recorder

This product has been replaced by the SL4100

4" Temperature Chart Recorder with Display. This unit is portable, battery operated, and can monitor from 45 to 90 deg F, for 7 days.

Click on the link to view and order the NEW SL4 Chart Recorder. SL490

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  • Unit Weight 1 lb
For more information on this product and other 4" Temperature Chart Recorders products see the 4" Temperature Chart Recorders page.

Frequently Asked Questions

The chart recorder and digital display are actually two independent measuring instruments, with different specifications. There is certain amount of discrepancy allowed between chart and display, the amount of the discrepancy depends on the range of the chart recorder. An SL4120, for example, has a scale of -20 to +120 degrees, that's a range of 140 degrees. That means a 2.8 degree tolerance for the chart. The digital display has tolerance of 3.6 degrees, which means there is a maximum allowed discrepancy of 6.4 degrees between the chart and display. The chart may be adjusted using the pen adjust screw on the face of the unit. If the display is out of specification, the display can be replaced but not calibrated.

Make sure the correct chart is being used.

Time Indicator is the raised part directly to the right and slightly above the pen tip.

Make sure the chart is not hung up or restricted.

Make sure the pen does not have too much tension, pinching the chart to the dial plate.

Make sure there is a good battery being used and it's in correctly.

Make sure the center strip of the chart is inserted properly into the black center hub of the recorder, making sure the chart is not ripped or torn.

The chart may be hung up or restricted, possibly caused by a rip on the outer edge of the chart or the chart may be caught between the arm and pen arm platform.

Incorrect chart installed for the selected chart speed.

Manually advance the chart one full rotation with the chart rotation button to ensure that the gears are not binding or slipping.