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3" (76mm) Temperature Chart Recorder

Small enough to fit in your hand, ideal when space is a concern. Dickson 3-inch (76mm) temperature chart recorders offer a unique monitoring alternative. Great for tight spaces and tight budgets.

  • Optional 7-Day or 24-Hour recording
  • C/F Switchable
Calibration Method

Calibration ensures Regulatory and Audit Compliance

Sc387 front 715
Sc387 lft angle 606
Sc387 rt angle 579
Sc387 open w chart 485
Sc387 lft side 390
Sc387 rt side 324
Sc387 open no chart 298
Sc387 back 219

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Important Information

Charts are sold separately.

Dickson Expert Services

Our Dickson Data Division has specially trained representatives to address the needs of customers with large installations or unique demands. Please call 888-452-4626.

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Price $269.00 $269.00 $269.00 $269.00
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Temperature Range Icon question
  • -14.0 to 32.0F
    (-25.0 to 0.0C)
  • 4.0 to 50.0F
    (-15.0 to 10.0C)
  • 50.0 to 96.0F
    (10.0 to 35.0C)
  • 0.0 to 100.0F
    (-18.0 to 37.0C)
Temperature Accuracy
  • +/-2.0F from -14.0 to 32.0F
    (+/-1.0C from -25.0 to 0.0C)
  • +/-2.0F from 4.0 to 50.0F
    (+/-1.0C from -15.0 to 10.0C)
  • +/-2.0F from 50.0 to 96.0F
    (+/-1.0C from 10.0 to 35.0C)
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  • Ambient Operating RH Conditions 0-95% RH non-condensing
  • Ambient Operating Temperature Conditions -22.0 to 122.0F (-30.0 to 50.0C)
  • Battery Life (Avg) 2 Years
  • Calibration Options N100, N300, N400
  • Channels CH1: Temperature
  • Chart Rotation Speed 24 Hour or 7 Day
  • Dimensions 2.2 x 3.7 x 3.7in
  • Enclosure Black ABS and Polycarbonate
  • IP Rating 20
  • Included Accessories One AA Battery, Red Pen and Quick Start Guide. *Charts sold separately.
  • Mounting Options Free Standing, Wall Mounted or Suspended
  • Power Source Battery; One AA Battery (User Replaceable)
  • Response Time 11 Minutes to 63% of Full Scale (in air moving 5' per second)
  • Temperature Accuracy +/-2.0F from 50.0 to 96.0F (+/-1.0C from 10.0 to 35.0C)
  • Temperature Range Help50.0 to 96.0F (10.0 to 35.0C)
  • Temperature Sensor Precise spiral wound bi-metallic strip transducer
  • Unit Weight 1 lb
  • Units/Pkg 1
  • Warranty 12-Month Limited
Why should I calibrate?

All instruments lose accuracy over time due to normal usage and the environmental conditions to which they are exposed.

How often should I calibrate?

For most applications, the recommended calibration interval is every twelve months.

N100 1-Point NIST Traceable Calibration $99.00 Add
N300 3-Point NIST Traceable Calibration $156.00 Add
N400 3-Point Ultima NIST A2LA Accredited Calibration $269.00 Add
What is NIST Calibration?

NIST stands for the National Institute for Standards and Technology. This organization is responsible for maintaining the master for different measurements, such as the standard "foot", standard, "second", or standard "pound". NIST also maintains the standard for temperature, humidity and pressure.

NIST Traceable means that the measuring standard can be traced directly back to the master standard maintained by the NIST organization.

NIST-Traceable does not tell you the measurement accuracy of a metrologty service in any detail. Only metrology services that can document their ISO 17025 standard provided data on their best measurement uncertainty.

Wall Mount Case

Small Locking Wall Mount Case

AA Battery

AA Alkaline Battery

C305 3" (76mm) Chart 24-Hour, 50 to 96 F $52.00 Add
C306 3" (76mm) Chart 7-Day, 50 to 96 F $52.00 Add
C313 3" (76mm) Chart 24-Hour, 10 to 35 C $52.00 Add
C314 3" (76mm) Chart 7-Day, 10 to 35 C $52.00 Add
P222 6 Red Pens $56.00 Add

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pen Arm screw secure?

Is the Chart Recorder sitting on or mounted to a surface prone to vibration?

For Temperature units try removing the unit from the application and placing it in an isolated, low air flow environment like a zip lock freezer bag or desk drawer. If the pen traces straighten out, the traces may have actually been caused by the changes in your application.

Make sure the chart is not hung up or restricted.

Make sure the pen does not have too much tension, pinching the chart to the dial plate.

Make sure there is a good battery being used and it's in correctly.

Make sure the center strip of the chart is inserted properly into the black center hub of the recorder, making sure the chart is not ripped or torn.