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3-Point Before and After NIST Traceable Re-Calibration (via Cross Ship)

3-Point Before and After NIST Traceable Calibration verifies 3 points of both before and after calibration data for Dickson temperature and/or humidity instrumentation.

  • NIST Traceable
  • Includes documentation for three Dickson pre-selected points before and after calibration
  • Allows you to comply with audits
  • Helps keep track of instrument calibration requirements

NOTE: This is the same calibration as the N550, but is only available for devices with replaceable sensors. This calibration method should be utilized by individuals/companies who do NOT need to maintain continuity of the sensor's serial number on calibration certificates. When a customer orders the N551, Dickson will ship out a 3-Point NIST calibrated sensor and the user will ship to Dickson the old sensor for comparison. Once we receive the previous sensor and have done the as found check, Dickson will issue a certificate that verifies the data as found. Price does not include cost of the sensor (purchased separately).

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N550 pg2 108620150121 9474 11e2n47 12524

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