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This product has been replaced by the KT8P3

Our KTX has been completely redesigned and now goes by Model KT8. The new KT8 has the same functionality as the KTX but in a smaller, more robust package and at a lower price - $499.

Click on the link to view and order the NEW KT8 Chart Recorder.

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Important Information

Charts are sold separately.

Dickson Expert Services

Our Dickson Data Division has specially trained representatives to address the needs of customers with large installations or unique demands. Please call 888-452-4626.

  • Temperature Accuracy +/-1.8F from -50.0 to 500.0F 0.3% (+/-1.0C from -50.0 to 250.0C 0.3%)
Thermocouple Extension

K-Thermocouple 100' (30m) Extension Cable

Temperature Probe

Replacement Bead Wire Temperature Probe


D Cell Battery

Probe Extension

K-Thermocouple 10' (3m) Extension Cable

Piercing Probe

4" (10cm) Thermocouple Handled Piercing Probe

Temperature Probe

6" (15cm) High Temperature Immersion Probe

C406 8" (203mm) Chart 31-Day, -50 to 50 $54.00 Add
C407 8" (203mm) Chart 31-Day, 0 to 250 F/C $54.00 Add
C408 8" (203mm) Chart 31-Day, 0 to 500 F/C $54.00 Add
C409 8" (203mm) Chart 31-Day, 0 to 100 F/C $54.00 Add
C410 8" (203mm) Chart 24-Hour, 0 to 100 $54.00 Add
C411 8" (203mm) Chart 24-Hour, -50 to 50 F/C $54.00 Add
C412 8" (203mm) Chart 7-Day, 0 to 100 $54.00 Add
C414 8" (203mm) Chart 7-Day, -50 to 50 F/C $54.00 Add
C428 8" (203mm) Chart 24-Hour, 0 to 500 F/C $54.00 Add
C432 8" (203mm) Chart 24-Hour, 0 to 250 or 0 to 0.25 F/C $54.00 Add
C439 8" (203mm) Chart 7-Day, 0 to 250 or 0 to 0.25 F/C $54.00 Add
C459 8" (203mm) Chart 7-Day, 0 to 500 F/C $54.00 Add
P222 6 Red Pens $58.00 Add

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dip switches set for a specific range, but using chart for another range, or vice versa
  • Dip switch #3 (Celsius setting) is on, but using Fahrenheit chart, or vice versa
  • Pen(s) not inserted on pen arm(s) all the way
  • Pen home not set properly. Perform a pen home check by pressing the PEN HOME key, and verify the pen(s) stop at the maximum Temperature line on the chart. If the pen(s) don't line up, loosen the screws at the top of the pen arm(s), then adjust the pen(s) so that they are lined up properly. Then re-tighten the screw(s) on the pen arm(s)
  • Gears jammed or slipping (You should hear the gears grinding)

Are there batteries in the Chart Recorder?

Are the batteries in correctly?

If there was momentary power outage (Brown out), the unit may not have had enough time to recognize this and switch to battery mode. (The unit may "lock up" or shut off in this situation)

Is the Chart Recorder locked up? This can be determined by taking notice of the cursor on the bottom of the display moving back and forth. If it's not moving, press the up arrow button. If it starts to move after the arrow button was pressed, then that confirms that the unit is in battery mode, in which case the unit will only update periodically to preserve battery life. So, if changes occur between updates, the unit won't capture and record those changes. (Very important draw back for battery mode)

If the cursor does not start to move after the arrow button is pressed, then the unit is locked up. This is usually caused by an interruption in power, in which case the Chart Recorder will not operate at all. To correct this, simply remove batteries and transformer, wait about 1-minute and power back up. This does not affect the units' functionality or calibration in any way.

Make sure that dip switch # 7 is off; this switch controls the display.

Make sure dip switch # 8 is off; this switch locks out the keypad.

Remove all batteries and adapter; wait about 1-minute to let the unit discharge. The unit should respond when the adapter is plugged back up.

Is the proper power adapter being used? It should be 6-Volts 700-800 milliamps.

  • The digital board is no longer communicating with the power board. UNIT REQUIRES SERVICE.

Is the probe plugged in properly?

Is there an extension cable being used? It could be defective

Chart Recorders

It may be locked up? This can be confirmed by pressing any of the buttons on the keypad, if the unit is locked up there will be no response to button presses and the unit may appear to be working, but the readings won't change, also the chart will not rotate. Remove power and battery, and then re-power.

The sensor board may have fallen out or become partially unplugged. Remove the back panel, the sensor board should be plugged in the center of the main board. If the sensor board is in its socket, you may need to ensure the connection by pressing down on it to make sure it is secure. The pens should respond right away if this is the only cause of the problem.

Is the probe plugged in properly?

Is there an extension cable being used? It could be defective.