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Waterproof Temperature Data Logger

This product has been replaced by the HT300

In the food business? Dickson's HT Family of Loggers was made for you. Key features include: food grade stainless steel, waterproof, available piercing probe models, temperatures limits of 257F (125C), and HT's are small enough to fit into a jar or bottle. If you are in the food business and concerned about HACCP you need these instruments.


  • HACCP and FDA Compliant
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel
  • Temperature resistant up to 257F (125C)
  • User replaceable 1-year battery
  • High speed USB download
Ht200 74

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Important Information

DicksonWare Software is needed to communicate with this product and is sold separately.

Dickson Expert Services

Our Dickson Data Division has specially trained representatives to address the needs of customers with large installations or unique demands. Please call 888-452-4626.

  • Ambient Operating Temperature Conditions -40.0 to 257.0F (-40.0 to 125.0C)
  • Approvals CE
  • Battery Life (Avg) 1 Year (at 1 Minute Sample Rate, Ambient Temperature)
  • Cable Details USB - Male Series A plug to 5 pin Male Series B mini plug.
  • Cable Length 6.0ft
  • Calibration Options N100, N300, N400, N520
  • Channels CH1: Temperature
  • Data Capacity 32,512
  • Delayed Start Yes
  • Dimensions 5.36in
  • Download Time Approximately 1 Minute
  • Download Type USB
  • Enclosure 316 Food-Grade Stainless Steel
  • IP Rating 68
  • Included Accessories Tadiran Battery and Quick Start Guide. *Software is not included.
  • Minimum Software Version Required 15.5
  • PC Requirements HelpMicrosoft Windows� 98 or higher; 1 free USB root hub and CD drive
  • Power Source High Energy Lithium Tadiran Battery (User Replaceable)
  • Probe Diameter 0.75in
  • Response Time 15 Minutes to move 63% of Full Scale
  • Sample Interval User Selectable (from 1 second to 24 hour intervals, in 1 second increments).
  • Software Options A016, A026
  • Temperature Accuracy +/-1.8F from -40.0 to 257.0F (+/-1.0C from -40.0 to 125.0C)
  • Temperature Range Help-40.0 to 257.0F (-40.0 to 125.0C)
  • Temperature Sensor Type Thermistor
  • Unit Weight 1 lb
  • Units/Pkg 1
  • Warranty 12-Month Limited
Why should I calibrate?

All instruments lose accuracy over time due to normal usage and the environmental conditions to which they are exposed.

How often should I calibrate?

For most applications, the recommended calibration interval is every twelve months.

N100 1-Point NIST Traceable Calibration $99.00 Add
N300 3-Point NIST Traceable Calibration $156.00 Add
N400 3-Point Ultima NIST A2LA Accredited Calibration $269.00 Add
What is NIST Calibration?

NIST stands for the National Institute for Standards and Technology. This organization is responsible for maintaining the master for different measurements, such as the standard "foot", standard, "second", or standard "pound". NIST also maintains the standard for temperature, humidity and pressure.

NIST Traceable means that the measuring standard can be traced directly back to the master standard maintained by the NIST organization.

NIST-Traceable does not tell you the measurement accuracy of a metrologty service in any detail. Only metrology services that can document their ISO 17025 standard provided data on their best measurement uncertainty.


DicksonWare Software with USB Cable

Secure Software

DicksonWare Secure Software with USB Cable

Battery TLH-5955

Tadiran TLH-5955 Ht200/220/225

Calibration Software

Logger Calibration Software

Software Upgrade

DicksonWare Software Upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Data Logger functioning otherwise? Make sure battery is good.
  • Is the correct version of software being used?
    Minimum requirement is DicksonWare or higher
  • Make sure the download cable is not physically defective.
  • Is the correct COM port selected?
  • Try another available COM port through the software.
  • Has the communication speed (baud rate) been changed? It should be set on ADAPTIVE.
  • Check Com port allocations in the PC's Device Manager, make sure the COM port you're trying to use is not "reserved" for something else.
  • Try another data logger. (if available)
  • Try another available COM port connection on back of PC.
  • If this is the first time attempting to communicate on this PC, or if new software or programs have been installed since the data logger was last used, try installing the software on another PC.
    (not a laptop)
  • Make sure the serial cable is pressed firmly into the unit, on newer units you will feel multiple clicks as you press it in
  • Is it possible that the logger was programmed to fill up storage space quicker than originally thought? Check the sample interval.
  • Is the logger set up to WRAP as opposed to STOP when full?

Yes, this logger is perfect for both applications.

  • Is the correct version of software being used?
    Version 15.5 or higher is required. Please contact customer service if correct version of software is being used and unit still does not communicate.
  • Make sure the battery is good.
  • Make sure the USB cable is not physically defective. Try another cable.
  • Make sure that "USB" is selected under File>Preferences>Communications.
  • Try another available USB port.
  • If this is the first time attempting to communicate on this PC, or if new software or programs have been installed since the data logger was last used, try installing the software on another PC.
  • Make sure the logger gets to room temperature if it was just removed from a hot or cold environment.
  • You will see a -414 reading if the battery was removed at any time, this marks the point at which logging was resumed once the battery was replaced.

    Note: If the logger is dropped on a hard surface, it may temporarily lose the battery connection resulting in a -414 reading. This will not affect other logged data.
If the o-ring on the USB/Probe end comes out, simply reinsert the o-ring as far into the case as possible and screw in the probe cap. The cap will push the o-ring back into position.
The logger may not have been cleared prior to use. Please clear the logger before placing the unit in service.