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This product has been replaced by the TSB

Temperature Graphing Logger with Remote K-Thermocouple Probe (�F/�C Switchable)- 240V UK Adapter

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Important Information

DicksonWare Software is needed to communicate with this product and is sold separately.

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Serial Download Cable

Serial Download Cable - length 6 feet (2m)

USB Adapter

Serial to USB Adapter

9V Battery

9V Battery

Calibration Software

Logger Calibration Software

Software Upgrade

DicksonWare Software Upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions

A USB to Serial adapter can be used. If you do not have an available dedicated serial port to use for communications with the logger, you may use a 3rd party USB to Serial adapter which is readily available from any electronic or computer store.

Setup: These adapters have a serial communications port and a USB communications port. The USB cable will connect to your computer and your existing serial cable will connect to the logger and the USB adapter. These adapters will also have a software driver that will need to be installed before use. Once the adapter is connected and the software installed, your computer will have a new serial port available under logger and communications.

  • The sample interval is determined by the Days/Div set by the front panel buttons.
  • This is normal operation. The clock will start up again once communication with the PC is completed.

Make sure the AC adapter is working.

Is the unit displaying large characters on the screen? All buttons are disabled when displaying the large real-time characters.

If the graph has reached the end of the screen, when a new pixel is drawn, the unit will blank the screen and redraw the graph shifted to the left by one pixel. This takes a few seconds to complete and the buttons are disabled momentarily.

If you are downloading the data, the buttons are disabled during download and will not function until the download is complete.

The unit may need to be reset. Unplug the AC adapter and the 9 volt battery, wait a few moments then repower.

If the unit is not connected to AC power, it may be in sleep mode. Press any of the front panel buttons to wake it up. If this does not work, make sure the back-up battery is good. The battery is for back-up only.

Possibly the wrong adapter is being used.

Verify that you have the correct version of DicksonWare software installed on your PC. Version or higher.

Verify that the correct COM port is selected: From the main Dicksonware screen, click on Logger then Communication, a black dot will appear next to the selected COM port. You may need to select a different COM port.

You may need to relocate the download cable to another serial port on the back of the PC and possibly try changing the COM port again in DicksonWare.

If communication has not been established with the previous steps, you may need to remove all power and then re-power and try all COM port and cable combinations again.

If possible, try another PC

Make sure that USB is NOT checked in File > Preferences > Serial/Communications.

This is normal when the probe is not connected at the time a sample is taken.