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Event Data Logger

This product has been discontinued.

It's easy to document On/Off cycles with this compact and simple to use data logger. Whether it's pumps, chillers, conveyors, processing equipment and more this unit is suited for the task

  • 120V-240V AC Parallel operation
  • 1-Year battery life
  • 65,512 data point storage

The EV100 has been discontinued and does not currently have any replacement options.

Ev100 front 790
Ev100 rt angle 575
Ev100 lft side 401
Ev100 back 250

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Important Information

DicksonWare Software is needed to communicate with this product and is sold separately.

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  • Delayed Start Yes
  • Unit Weight 1 lb
USB Adapter

Serial to USB Adapter


Small Water-Resistant Pouch

Wall Mount Case

Small Locking Wall Mount Case

Software Upgrade

DicksonWare Software Upgrade

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Data Logger functioning otherwise? Is the red L.E.D flashing once every 10 seconds? Make sure battery is good.
  • Is the correct version of software being used?
    Minimum requirement is DicksonWare 7.2 or higher
  • Make sure the download cable is not physically defective.
  • Is the correct COM port selected?
  • Try another available COM port through the software, under logger and communications.
  • Has the communication speed (baud rate) been changed? It should be set on ADAPTIVE.
  • Check Com port allocations in the PC's Device Manager, make sure the COM port you're trying to use is not "reserved" for something else.
  • Try another data logger. (if available)
  • Try another available COM port connection on back of PC.
  • If communication has not been established with the previous steps, you may need to open the logger, remove the battery, reinsert it and then try all COM port and cable combinations again.
  • If this is the first time attempting to communicate on this PC, or if new software or programs have been installed since the data logger was last used, try installing the software on another PC.
    (not a laptop)
  • Is it possible that the logger was programmed to fill up storage space quicker than originally thought? Check the sample interval.
  • Is the logger set up to WRAP as opposed to STOP when full?
  • Has the logger just been removed from a cool environment? The logger may not communicate at temperatures below 30 degrees F, however it will continue to log. Condensation may have momentarily formed internally, wait for the unit to warm up, it should power up and give all data stored.

A USB to Serial adapter can be used. If you do not have an available dedicated serial port to use for communications with the logger, you may use a 3rd party USB to Serial adapter which is readily available from any electronic or computer store.

Setup: These adapters have a serial communications port and a USB communications port. The USB cable will connect to your computer and your existing serial cable will connect to the logger and the USB adapter. These adapters will also have a software driver that will need to be installed before use. Once the adapter is connected and the software installed, your computer will have a new serial port available under logger and communications.