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Universal Input Chart Recorder

This product has been replaced by the ET855

Our ET656 has been completely redesigned and now goes by ET855.

Click on the link to view and order the NEW ET855 Chart Recorder.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there batteries in the Chart Recorder?

Are the batteries in correctly?

If there was momentary power outage (Brown out), the unit may not have had enough time to recognize this and switch to battery mode. (The unit may "lock up" or shut off in this situation)

Is the transmitter being used actually putting out a signal?

Has the proper range and input signal been selected?

Is the unit locked up? This can be determined by taking notice of the cursor on the bottom of the display moving back and forth. If it's not moving, press the up arrow button. If the cursor starts to move after the arrow button was pressed, then that confirms that the unit is in battery mode, in which case the unit will only update periodically to preserve battery life. So, if changes occur between updates, the unit won't capture and record those changes. (Very important draw back for battery mode)

If the cursor does not start moving, after the arrow button is pressed, then the unit is locked up. This is usually caused by an interruption in power, in which case the unit will not operate at all. To correct this, simply remove batteries and transformer, wait about 1-minute, and power back up. This does not effect the units' functionality or calibration in any way.

  • Remove the battery and power adapter, wait about 1-minute to let the unit discharge. The unit should respond when the adapter is plugged in.
  • Remove the back panel and make sure the power cord is plugged into PC board.

What is the tolerance of the unit it is being compared to?

It's ok if the unit is within the sum of the two tolerances

Remember that the unit's tolerance speaks to the Chart Recorder only, there is any additional that applies to the probe

Has an outside calibration house attempted calibration? It may not have been adjusted properly

When was the last time the unit was sent to the Dickson Calibration Lab for a recalibration?

Walk through zero adjustment, found in the manual

For units with Pen Adjustment - rotate screw to adjust the unit to match another unit of greater accuracy after both units have stablized in the same environment.

Chart Recorders - make sure the correct chart is being used.

K-Thermocouple Units
K-Thermocouple capable units are capable of using any K-type thermocouple probe or extension but keep in mind that long extensions to extend the distance may require a Zero adjustment. (Refer to manual)
As a general rule: If the unit is not responding properly, and you have more than one thermocouple, swap probes to see if it is the probe or the unit that is defective.

Voltage Recorders

Make sure the output signal of the transmitter is calibrated to its full measuring range. 

Make sure the range selected on the recorder matches the transmitter exactly and that the proper chart is being used.