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This product has been replaced by the D119

This item is no longer available. 

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Sensaphone Sensor

Weatherproof Refrigerator Temperature Sensor

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The telephone number may be incorrectly programmed.
  • Tone or Pulse (the current dialing method) is not compatible with the telephone line on which the D118/D119 is installed.
  • Recognition time is too long. An alert condition does not remain in effect long enough to become a valid alarm.
  • Max number of calls set to zero. It's a good idea to set your Max calls to at least equal the number of dial-out telephone numbers programmed.
  • The unit must be connected to a standard (2-wire analog) telephone line, not a digital extension to a phone system. If the unit will not dial out and the factors previously listed have been ruled out, try connecting the unit to standard residential telephone line.
  • "Rings Until Answer" is incorrectly programmed.
  • Model D118/D119 connected to an incompatible telephone line.
  • The local voice mute feature is in effect.
  • Voice Reps is set to zero. Change to 1 or greater.
  • The unit's number of Rings Until Answer is set to equal the number of rings set for the telephone answering device.
  • The input isn't configured to read a temperature sensor.

The temperature sensor has been disconnected or has broken wires.

  • The temperature sensor may be affected by a source of ambient heat (ie., direct sunlight, or heat duct proximity).
  • Temperature may require calibration.
  • Programmed recognition Time is too short. AC power is often subjuect to brief interruptions.
  • Batteries are either installed incorrectly or drained.
  • Recognition time setting is too long.
  • Inputs are disabled.
  • Programmed Recognition Time is too long.
If brand new, they will last up to 24 hours.