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How-To Videos

Want to know more about data monitoring? Look to the right.

In our 90 year history, we've recieved a lot of customer feedback. We took some of that customer feedback, and created a few "How-To" videos, available for anyone to understand more about our products, how to use our products, the applications our products are used in, and the differences between certain products.


To view our entire collection of videos, including product introductions and application showcases, go to Dickson's YouTube Page.


From the Blog

MakerBot Releases the MakerBot Digitizer – Why That’s Important
MakerBot finally unveiled the MakerBot Digitizer today. They had previously teased their email subscribers that something was coming and today they’ve delivered. MakerBot is the innovative company behind one of the most popular 3D printers available today. A 3D printer can actually print physical products (and some really cool ones too!) in a 3-dimensional space via plastic […]

This Blew My [Ignorant] Mind: Forbes on American verse European Eggs.
I spent much of my high school years working at a small town grocery store. I worked in the freezer and dairy departments, stocking frozen pizzas, yogurt, ice cream, and uh huh, eggs. Three days a week at 6:00AM, I would pull pallets of frozen foods off of semi trucks, rushing them as fast as I […]