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How to Set Alarms on the MM120

Learn to set alarms, and reduce the risk of ruined vaccines.

*To learn more about Dickson's MM120, visit the devices product page. For questions about the product, call 1-800-757-3747 to speak with an expert.

Watch as Dickson's Product Manager, Matt, outlines how to set audible and visual alarms on the MM120, Dickson's Vaccine Thermometer.

Please Note: Vaccines must be stored at proper temperatures. Ensure the safety of the materials you distribute with an MM120 from Dickson. This device gives you instant access to your current temperature readings. It is important to not that these devices DO NOT store data. They simply indicate current temperatures.

To view all of Dickson's videos, including Product Overviews and Application Showcases, visit our YouTube Page.


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