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Changing Pens: A Dickson How-To Video

Changing pens is easy, and incredibly important.

To order new pens or charts for your Dickson Chart recorder, visit our Charts and Pens webpage. There you will find all the charts and pens that we offer, and can narrow down your selection based on model number, temperature range, or recording intervals. Want to order by phone? Not a problem. Give us a call at 1-800-757-3747.

In the video above, Dickson's Sales Manager, Nick, explains the process of changing the pen on your Dickson Chart Recorder. It's a cinch, and after only a few minutes your device will be recording again.

Sick of changing charts, pens, and wasting man hours? Upgrade to a data logger. Dickson offers wifi-enabled data loggers, touchscreens, compact data loggers, and display data loggers. Each device downloads either by a USB cord or through a cloud application. It's easier, cost-effective, and the new way to monitor your enviornment.