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Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

Monitoring Compliance and Vaccines

Vaccine Temperature Monitoring

Whether you're delivering a tetanus shot to a school child or a flu vaccine to the elderly, the work vaccines do matters. It's why the vaccine temperature monitoring system you choose is critical to their success.  At Dickson, we understand the truth; when it comes to vaccines, every point matters.  

DicksonOne Solutions

Twe 915


DicksonOne automatically collects temperature and humidity data for historical data at the device or via an internet ready device. Easily set alarms and track trends without wasting time collecting charts or downloading data.

Dwe 917


Whether you have one monitoring point at a single location, hundreds, or even thousands around the world, DicksonOne scales to meet your needs, keeps everything organized, and is simple to use.

Dsb 913


With the DSB logger, it's easy to collect temperature and humidity data using Dickson's replaceable sensors. It's a continuous monitoring solutions that lets you be proactive about your data so you don't have to be!


VFC Program

The VFC program has published a toolkit on the proper way to store and handle Vaccines within the program. These guidelines are also starting to be adopted as state mandates across the country.