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Wizard | The On-Premise Monitoring Solution from Dickson


Dickson's on-premise monitoring system, Wizard, offers a mix of scalability and flexibility. A single receiver wirelessly manages your entire environment, and a wide array of probes lets you use the system for any application. 

Dickson Wizard

Your Data, Locally Stored

If your environmental monitoring procedures require you to store your data locally, Dickson's Wizard system offers unparalleled ease-of-use, scalability, and reliability. Simply place these data loggers throughout your facility and receive all data automatically at your PC. 

Each logger features battery backup so you'll never lose data, even if your power goes out. If there is a problem, Wizard alerts you via email or text message.

120x100 replaceable sensors 1834

Replaceable Sensors

Calibrate your on-premise loggers without any downtime by simply replacing the sensors.

120x100 battery operation 1835

Battery Operation

Monitor spaces that don't have accessible outlets nearby with battery-powered devices.

120x100 remote alarms 1836

Remote Alarms

Receive alarm notifications via text or email if there is a problem or an excursion occurs.

120x100 scalability 1837


Dickson's on-premise systems work seamlessly, whether you have one device or sixty. 

Looking for More From Your System?

Are you in need of custom reporting or the ability to view data from anywhere? Consider our cloud-based system, DicksonOne. With robust features and multiple alarm notification methods, you can ensure the right people are up-to-date on any excursion.
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On-Premise Monitoring

  • Email and text alerts available
  • Eliminates the need to change charts and pens
  • Data automatically downloaded to your computer wirelessly
  • Loggers continue to log in the event of a power outage

Model Options

Are Your Products Stored Safely?

Let our experts keep your business fully compliant by documenting temperature distribution in your facility and providing you with the rationale for permanent monitoring placement to protect your temperature-sensitive products.