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Indicators and Thermometers, Environmental Monitoring | Dickson


If you need simple features and real-time data at your fingertips, Dickson's indicators are for you. Simply scan or probe your product for an instant temperature or humidity reading.

Dickson Indicators

Data in the Palm of Your Hand

Indicators are great for applications that require immediate data feedback, such as accepting shipments or completing a QC check. With Dickson's indicators, you've got a handheld, cordless, and effective monitoring solution that displays your data right on the digital display.

Use our temperature and humidity indicators for instantaneous readings of food, HVAC systems, and more, and our infrared indicators to spot-check temperatures from a safe distance or in hard to reach places.

120x100 digital display 1830

Digital Display

View readings in the palm of your hand with the digital display.

120x100 battery operation 1831

Battery Operation

Power up your cordless device with nothing but a 9V battery.

120x100 real time data 1832

Real-time Data

Get temperature or humidity readings with the push of a button.

120x100 support 1833


Receive gold star support regardless of your system size.

Looking for a continuous monitoring solution?

Consider making the switch to DicksonOne, our cloud-based environmental monitoring system. With multiple alarm notification methods, you can ensure the right people are up-to-date on any excursion with time to act before something spoils.