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Data Loggers

Dickson's data loggers are cost-effective solutions for monitoring any required area. With a wide range of applications and a host of features, our data loggers ensure precise data collection.

Dickson Data Loggers

24/7 Monitoring Solutions

Continuously monitor temperature, humidity, and pressure with our full line of easy-to-use data loggers. With compact sizing ideal for even the tightest of areas, Dickson's data loggers provide precise and compliant monitoring for just about any application.

Our data loggers allow you to proactively monitor your sensitive materials, storage areas, production environments and more with dynamic features such as audible and visual alarms, digital displays, replaceable sensors, and flash memory for easy downloading and report analysis.

120x100 replaceable sensors 1790

Replaceable Sensors

Calibrate your data loggers without any downtime by simply replacing the sensors.

120x100 battery operation 1791

Battery Operation

Monitor spaces that don't have accessible outlets nearby with battery-powered devices.

120x100 compliance 1792


Pass your next quality, customer, or regulatory audit with ease, even in the most regulated industries.

120x100 variability 1 1794


We'll help you select the right configuration to monitor rooms, equipment, trucks, and more.

Need access to your data in real time?

Consider making the switch to DicksonOne, our cloud-based environmental monitoring system. With multiple alarm notification methods, you can ensure the right people are up-to-date on any excursion with time to act before something spoils.
Dwe 2008

DWE Cloud-Enabled Logger

  • DicksonOne-enabled
  • Access your data from any internet-connected device at any time
  • Monitor multiple locations
  • Scaleable to any number of loggers
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Email, Phone, and SMS Text Alerts
  • Secure Data

Model Options

Dsb ambient probe in device left side angle 12767 copy 1862

DSB Display Logger

  • USB enabled for fast downloading
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Audio and Visual alarms
  • Compatible with Replaceable Sensors
  • Up to two years of battery life

Model Options

Rl200 with lanyard 1670

Report Loggers

  • IP63 Case protects from dust and jets of water.
  • User Selectable Logging Times.
  • Large Temperature Range (-30 to 176F).
  • No software required
  • PDF, JPEG, or raw (.txt ) report formats
  • Delayed Start

Model Options

Small voltage logger 1318

Voltage Logger

  • 5-year battery life
  • 32,512 data point storage
  • User selectable 0-20mA or 0-5V for pH, flow, fluid level, or any variable you choose.

Model Options

Pressure logger 1783

Pressure Loggers

  • Digital and static options
  • User selectable data collection
  • Varying sizes for every need
  • Measure liquid and gas

Model Options

Turn to Our Team of Experts for Your Compliance Needs

Dickson has been helping organizations with their monitoring needs for almost a century. Now you can leverage that experience and our knowledgeable team of service experts to help manage your compliance process from start to finish.