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Experienced Professionals

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If you have a few years of experience, know how the whole 9 to 5 thing works, and are looking for a career then Dickson is a great place to further your career development.

Ideal candidates typically have the following characteristics:

  • 2-5 years experience
  • Outgoing, motivated, entrepreneurial personalities
  • Come from a business background
  • Have strong communication skills

Depending on a candidate's experience, they may be looking at one of two positions. If they are on the lower end of the experience scale (related sales experience), they may start off as an Inside Sales Consultant. If they have a couple years of related sales experience and have a proven track record, then an Outside Sales Consultant may be the best position.

At Dickson, our sales consultants essentially run their own businesses. The sales manager does not micro manage the sales team, each rep is responsible for his or her own business and customers, and while leads come from various sources, each sales person is responisble for hitting there goals. 

The sales program has been in existence for a number of years now and has proven quite successful. This experience has allowed managers to develope the sales positions into roles that mutually benefit the company and sales representaive through goals, measures, and incentives. 

While the program is going strong and has seen success based on the current model, we're always looking for good ideas, better technologies, and the best people. If you're looking to continue your career in a culture that promotes success feel free to view any open positions by clicking the link below. 


To view any open positions click HERE