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Legacy Uploader

Upload Data Logger Data to the DicksonOne Cloud

Legacy Uploader

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Cloud Storage
Secure Data Transfer
Do more with your data thanks to our most recent update to DicksonWare. Our secure version of the software now provides access to our DicksonOne cloud, allowing you to upload your data automatically once it's been downloaded to your computer. When every point matters it's important that you have every one of them available wherever, whenever. 
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Easier Download

Thanks to the Legacy Uploader, our data and display logger customers need only plug their device in to upload data to the cloud. It's a plug and play system that gets you from downtime to livetime with data access anytime.
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Unlimited Storage

When the cloud is your filing cabinet you never have to worry about it filling up. Instead, you're able to take advantage of DicksonOne's organization and data back up features without the fear of clutter or limited space.

Want to know more?

Our product experts can help! Whether you're looking for a way to speed up your logger downloads or for a DicksonOne transportation solution, they're here for you.
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Sharing and Accessibility

When your data isn't trapped on your personal computer, or even on your network, you can provide login credentials for anyone you deem important enough to have access. It's just one of the reasons we're 21CFR11 Compliant.
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Your Data, Contextualized

Did you experience an excursion when there wasn't a reason to worry? Maybe your fridge was unplugged for cleaning while all the product had been moved to a backup. Within DicksonOne you can annotate your data to ensure that no one's left wondering exactly what happened and when.
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DicksonOne on the Road

Thanks to the Legacy Uploader tool, DicksonOne is now ready for all your cold chain needs. Just plug in your loggers after transport to have all of your monitoring on the cloud from beginning to end.

Need more from your system?

Don't have time to manually unload every logger? In need of real time alarms via text, email, or a phone call? Our DicksonOne enabled devices may be the solution for you.