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Critical Storage

We all know that we have to monitor the temperature in refrigerators and freezers storing vaccines and food to ensure their potency and safety from contamination. But what about the contents in storerooms? Supply closets and storerooms often hold materials and products that are sensitive to extremes in temperature and humidity. Dickson has a full line of instruments that are ideal for these critical storage applications.

Recently Dickson has been working with the Department of Veterans Affairs. VA Directive 7176 requires that main storerooms and supply closets on each floor of their medical centers be monitored for temperature and humidity conditions. Dickson's new TH800 chart recorder fits well into these small storage areas and because it is battery operated, electricity and cords are not an issue. The TH800 provides the data and documentation that each Chief of SPD needs. The signed chart from this recorder provides the SPD operator with a compliance record.

4 AA Battery Operation

  • Compact and rugged enclosure
  • User selectable Temperature Ranges +32 to +120°F (0 to 50°C)
  • Recording Times: 7 day or 24 hour
  • Recorded and displayed dew point
  • Flip up pen arm for easy chart and pen changes
  • Greater accuracy at a low price $425

Dickson's TH800 works great for what the VA needed to solve their critical monitoring need. They also could have used any one of our other products, because Dickson's line of temperature and temperature/humidity data loggers and chart recorders have a variety of features that can fit into any application of critical storage that you might have. Click here to find an instrument that will work for your critical storage needs.