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College Graduates

College Graduates

Finding that first job can be a stressful experience. Dickson is actively looking for entry level college graduates for our Sales Training Program. New graduates looking to get in at the ground level and learn everything about our business are ideal candidates.

Trainees benefit from the small company atmosphere in numerous ways. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Receiving individualized training
  2. Gaining experience in many areas
  3. Having an unparalleled understanding of the products

Dickson believes in promoting hard working and well performing individuals. There is a standard path outlined for the Sales Training Program, but the speed and direction a person move can vary. Ultimately, performance, attitude, and position availability are the key factors in moving to the next position.

Dickson is NOT a "churn and burn" training program, meaning we don't hire ten people, throw them into their job with little training and keep a small percentage of those who were successful. On the contrary, Dickson spends the time to diligently interview and hire those individuals who will be successful in this position and provides them the training to ensure that.

Here is the standard path a Sales Trainee might take:

Customer Service Representative

Customer service roles typically do not sound too glamorous, but this is where you learn the most. Interacting with customers day in and day out you learn to identify their needs, understand their applications, and make product suggestions that fit their budget and needs. You also gain an intricate understanding of Dickson's entire product line through product training and troubleshooting issues with customers. 

You'll also get your first taste of sales in this role; trainees are taught to identify leads and opportunities on each phone call and increase the overall value of each customer interaction.

This position typically last from six months to one year depending on performance, attitude, and position availability. 


Inside Sales Consultant

In the inside sales role you'll get even more sales experience and training. Much of the training you learned in the Customer Service role  will suit you very well in this position, but you'll also have the ability and opportunity to improve your skills to the point where you can effectively sell to customers. 

In this position, trainees typically receive a list of customers who have purchased in the past, but not recently. Trainees learn how to "reactivate" these customers by promoting new technologies, identifying needs for calibrating older products, as well as identifying other opportunities within a customer's business or application. Inside Sales Consultants are given a quota and other goals to work towards and help them to identify success. While it isn't common, this position may have the opportunity to travel as various opportunities develop. 

This position typically last from six months to one year depending on performance, attitude, and position availability. 


Outside Sales Consultant

The Outside Sales position is the final position in the Sales Training Program, but at this point there is less training and more selling. By the time you reach this position you should be an expert in identifying customer needs, addressing their hesitations, and selling them the right products.

This position is focused on developing new business as well as keeping your current customers satisfied as well as educating them on new products. Opportunities are developed from verified leads from the Sales Manager as well as customer service and inside sales. Cold calling is also a good method of building and maintaining a sound pipeline. Consultants are given a monthly quota and are expected to reach that by keeping their pipeline full. 

Outside Sales Consultants typically travel about one week per month or as opportunities develop. Trips are typically organized around a handful of very strong opportunities in a given area and then supplemented by cold calling in the area they travel to. 

This position does not have a set time period and can last indefinitely based on performance. We encourage our employees to be successful and make a career for themselves.


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