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Barriers & Swamp Areas

In 2017, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative renewed it’s focus on identifying and reaching children that had not yet received a vaccine. Thanks to this effort, more than 4.5 million children under five received vaccines through the vaccination campaigns in Chad. Among those vaccinated were the more than 215,000 children who reside on the difficult-to-access...Read More

Going Dark: An Aging Power Grid

Keeping warm during cold winter months can be a challenge in the best of times. When the cold becomes frigid, it goes from being a challenge to a near impossibility. At least, that is, for those without heat or power. This is important to consider because the US Department of Energy says power outages are...Read More

DicksonOne: Features & Enhancements

Our commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring we always meet the needs of our customers is a core part of everything that we do. Over the past several months, we have made many updates to DicksonOne. While they are minor improvements, they are worth mentioning so that you are aware of all the capabilities and...Read More

Dickson Replaceable Sensors™ 101

Are you using a Dickson Replaceable Sensor ™? Not sure? Let’s take a look at what replaceable sensors are, why they make calibration simpler, and which of the Dickson products use this feature. What are Dickson Replaceable Sensors? Dickson Replaceable Sensors™  are unique because they separate the two functions of your data logger or chart...Read More

Best Practices in Compliance

Dickson is your compliance partner, and as such, we want to share a few tools to improve your best practices for compliance. Let’s first start by talking about what compliance really means. From a straightforward approach, it means following the laws and making a product that follows defined regulatory pathways. But, being compliant is not...Read More