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Matt M

[Webinar] Alarm Escalation and DicksonOne

Yesterday, we at Dickson held our first formal webinar of the year where we discussed our newest feature: Alarm Escalation. We have heard that there were a few issues with logging into the webinar by some of our registrants. For that reason, we wanted to make sure a recording of the presentation was available for...Read More

DicksonOne Reporting Suite

Your data: How you want it, When you want it. If you’ve ever talked to someone from Dickson, visited our trade show booth, or read other articles from this blog, you may have heard us say “Dickson means Data.” To us, this means that the users of our products can acquire the data they need in...Read More

DicksonOne + Security

Many environmental monitoring customers are quite concerned with security, especially when speaking on “the cloud.” Some might argue this is rightfully so, other would say that in many scenarios it’s less of a concern than its made out to be. However, that debate is for another time. Today we’re discussing DicksonOne, Amazon Web Services (AWS),...Read More

Camelicious Camel Milk: A Dickson Customer Profile

For the last two years I’ve had the privilege of travelling to Dubai to visit a loyal and valuable distributor of Dickson’s products. Dubai is an interesting and intriguing place, but in my travels, the camel milk operation that has been established at Camelicious may take the cake for “most interesting.” In addition to being a business in an industry not too...Read More