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Matt M

Do You need a Touchscreen Data Logger?

We’re often asked why someone would buy a touchscreen data logger over a standard one. After all, the touchscreens do cost more than a non-touch alternative, so what makes it worth it? This is a great question and there are many reasons our customers choose to purchase touchscreens and we’re going to cover many of...Read More

A Look at the Cost of Life in the Cloud

Part One in an ongoing series about Cloud Technologies and their Advantages Whether you realize it or not, you’re probably rather familiar with cloud software and the benefits it provides you. Maybe you’re a Netflix subscriber, have an email address with Google, Yahoo, or the like, or maybe you’ve hailed a ride via Uber or...Read More

[Webinar] Alarm Escalation and DicksonOne

Yesterday, we at Dickson held our first formal webinar of the year where we discussed our newest feature: Alarm Escalation. We have heard that there were a few issues with logging into the webinar by some of our registrants. For that reason, we wanted to make sure a recording of the presentation was available for...Read More