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George Sorensen

Rethinking the Razor

A big part of any nurse or caregiver’s job is to make their patient(s) feel comfortable and as close to their normal self as possible. A crucial element in helping patients feel like themselves is self-care, like shaving. Shaving can be a frustrating task when doing it yourself, but it becomes increasingly more difficult when...Read More

Can Dickson Visit My Facility?

Whether our customers are working in high compliance industries or just aren’t as familiar with how they should be monitoring their environments we often get asked if we can come on site to help review how they should be monitoring their facility. The short answer is yes, we are more than happy to come on...Read More

Rethinking the Wine Cooler

With the warm weather in full force, you have probably slowed down on opening up those bottles of red on your wine rack and moved toward the more patio friendly whites that have been hibernating through the winter. In fact, it’s likely you have already been through your seasonal shuffle of prioritizing the wine rack...Read More