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Dickson is More Than Data

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve noticed our recent facelift. You see, we did it to share our universal truth with you. At Dickson, we understand that the next point matters as much as the first.

It’s why we don’t choose to introduce ourselves as a century-old company. Sure, we’re proud that we maintain the world’s widest selection of top quality instruments for your monitoring needs. It just isn’t what keeps us motivated. Our eyes are more squarely fixed on tomorrow than today. Even though we already provide support to more than 75% of Fortune 100 companies, we still have more we can work with in the future. That’s why we continue to work hard every day. It isn’t about our future. It’s about yours.   

That isn’t the mentality of the company we’ve been. It’s the essence of the one we strive to be. We have the vision of a startup with 93 years of success that other startups don’t. We collect data, send excursion alerts, and produce summary reports for more than 80,000 customers in over 100 countries in order to protect billions of dollars worth of their assets. Our clients have achieved a significant reduction in lost assets, improvement in drug efficacy and consumer safety, and increased assurance of compliance. Terms like the cloud, IoT and SaaS may get lots of press as buzzwords, but they’re more than that to us. We live them everyday. They’re a philosophy. They’re tomorrow. We're there today.

That’s why you shouldn’t choose Dickson just because of our proven track record. You should choose us because of our vision for the future--a future that nourishes the well-being of your customers, your co-workers, and your loved ones. It’s why your hard work matters. It’s why we work to support it. It’s why we live by our philosophy and it’s why tomorrow is as important as today. It's because we understand life's fundamental truth: every point matters.

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