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Chamber Monitoring, Temperature and Humidity Monitoring | Dickson

Chamber Monitoring

Get verified temperature and humidity data for consistent results
Get stability and environmental chamber peace of mind

Why Choose Dickson?

When strict conditions matter you have to ensure that strict conditions are met. With Dickson, you can have confidence that your environments are stable.

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Alerts and Alarms

Take comfort in knowing you'll be alerted via text, email, or phone of any excursion in your stability and environmental chambers.

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IQOQ Validation

Dickson's validation services can button up your procedures to ensure all qualifications are met and you're protected come time for audit.

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With DicksonOne, you can easily scale your system without losing the simplicity of data analysis and cost efficiencies.

Take Back Control

Our loggers give you the peace of mind you need to attack other items on your to-do list.

Let's Stabilize Your Day

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Cloud Storage
Secure Data Transfer
Alarms by Phone, Email, Text
Wifi + Ethernet Connectivity
Temperature Sensor
Temperature and Humidity Sensors
Replaceable Sensor
With a DicksonOne enabled system, you can get alerts sent automatically to your phone when conditions go out of range, so you can save your environmentally dependent product before it's lost. And, with our services offerings you can ensure that the system is integrating with your chambers as intended. 

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With a Dickson Touchscreen, you'll be armed with all the data you need right at your fingertips. Whether you're in need of today's data, or last week's data, you can get it with a pinch, in a pinch. And, with a DicksonOne enabled unit, you can access all of your data anywhere, anytime. 

(Dickson's Director of Services) effectively combines his validation, QA, and IT talent to deliver superior validation packages that stand up to FDA inspection.

Craig W. via LinkedIn
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There's a Map to Every Destination

Our services division offers in house mapping to ensure that your validation qualifications are met and everything is working as defined. It'll keep auditors off your back and help you keep moving forward.

Simplify Your System

You could keep manually checking your data, or you can let our chamber monitoring system do it for you.