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DicksonOne Temperature Monitoring. Simple. Scalable. Compliant


Life isn't one size fits all. Your environmental monitoring system shouldn't be either.
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DicksonOne is a cloud-based environmental monitoring system featuring an easy-to-use interface for monitoring your critical variables, allowing you to remain compliant without taking up too much of your time. Plus, with multiple alarm notification methods, you can ensure the right people are up-to-date on any excursion with time to act before something spoils.

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DicksonOne loggers collect your data and automatically deliver it to the cloud application. No more downloading data or changing charts. DicksonOne does all the work for you.

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DicksonOne is for monitoring systems of any size. Whether you're monitoring a single fridge or chambers around the world, all of your data ends up in a single, cloud-based application.

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In highly compliant environments that are heavily regulated, there are a lot of boxes you need to check to ensure you're ready for an audit. DicksonOne checks all the boxes.

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DicksonOne Benefits:

  • View trend graph and data summary with just one click or use the dashboard to view all loggers by location

  • Set up recurring reports

  • Access your data 24/7

  • No limit on adding unique usernames

  • Apply alarm conditions and notifications to multiple devices and channels at once with alarm templates

  • Create, edit, and manage alarms for all locations in one place with escalation policies

  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

  • Unlimited data storage

  • VFC-approved for vaccine refrigerators

Experience the Extraordinary

Whether you want data at your fingertips with the new 8" DicksonOne touchscreen logger or you're looking for a more compact experience, choose from multiple loggers that all work together seamlessly with our cloud-based software.
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Peace of Mind with Real-Time Notifications

  • Choose when you'd like to be notified:
    Set up alarms for high/low variable readings and receive notifications when devices aren't reporting or a probe has been disconnected.

  • Choose how you'd like to be notified:
    Be notified via text, phone, email, or audible alarm whenever an alarm condition is met.

Comply with Confidence

Knowing all of your company's nuances through cloud-based monitoring and data collection can give you the confidence you need for total compliance. With DicksonOne's custom reporting feature, you get just that.

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DicksonOne Touchscreens

A capacitive 8" touchscreen offers our best user experience ever, and now features customizable views, alarms, and more. Plus, with DicksonOne compatibility, you get your data at your fingertips, and wherever else you might need it.

-Real time notifications via talk, text, and email
-Replaceable Sensor technology
-Viewable data at point of monitoring
-21 CFR Part 11 Compliant

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Cloud-Enabled Data Logger

  • -Access your data from any internet-connected device 24/7
  • -Monitor multiple locations
  • -Scalable to any number of loggers
  • -Easy-to-use interface
  • -Email, Phone, and SMS Text Alerts

Model Options

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Replaceable Sensors

Recalibrate any DicksonOne device on the fly without having to send in your device. Just order a new sensor, receive it in the mail, and plug it into the unit in a motion that's as simple as swapping batteries in your tv remote.

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DicksonOne Mobile App

Millions of data points, right at your fingertips. With our FREE DicksonOne mobile app, you can instantly access all of your data and location information in the cloud. 
Anywhere. Anytime.